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Discover ASC Supply Chain Potential with VPL

What makes VPL the best supply chain management choice for ASCs?

There are a few “also rans” out there, but VPL offers the first and only cloud-based, automated ASC supply chain software especially for the healthcare industry. We’re also the only partner that empowers healthcare supply chain leaders by giving them data-focused and technology-enabled solutions that build smarter and more resilient supply chains. With 70% of freestanding ASCs being privately owned and operated, owning their own data and being able to make smart choices that help improve their bottom line is of enormous benefit and just two of the reasons ASCs are turning to VPL. In addition, our software:

  • Is carrier agnostic, which means health systems have their choice of FedEx, UPS and USPS
  • Drives operational efficiencies and incremental savings
  • Allows supply chain professionals, clinicians and administrators to see when and where products will arrive, and track them every step of the way using Amazon-like order status functionality
  • Is easy to implement with a quick and well-defined process


Lack of visibility is leaving too many in the dark

We conducted a survey of clinicians last year, which revealed that lack of visibility into status of inbound product is causing them to waste an incredible amount of time trying to track that product down. A full 84% of the respondents informed us that they have experienced delayed procedures due to backorders in the past 12 months, 74% reported recurring backorders, misplaced items and expired products, and 76% of them often don’t know if product will arrive on time for a scheduled procedure. For ASCs whose fiscal health is predicated on keeping elective surgeries on schedule, cancelled or delayed procedures are clearly unacceptable. And with a full 88% of respondents telling us it’s important to know the day, time, and location of deliveries (and only 46% saying they regularly receive that information) it’s clear that visibility into shipment status is critical for ASC supply chain programs.


Our visibility solution is lighting the way to improved operational efficiencies and increased confidence in the supply chain

Designed to mitigate risk, our proprietary visibility tool with track-and-trace capabilities and proactive alerts makes it easy for buyers, supply chain coordinators and, of course, clinicians, to know quantity shipped, and when and where product will arrive. The results speak for themselves:

  • Less time wasted tracking product
  • The ability to manage more freight with less manpower
  • A lower overall cost of care
  • Far fewer delayed procedures
  • Greater focus on patient outcomes


By managing more inbound freight, VPL can provide ASCs with the valuable data and insights they need to optimize their supply chain programs

By now, it should be clear that it is crucial for ASCs to have improved visibility, and by converting their unmanaged shipments to our program, they’ll enjoy just that. They’ll also be able to maximize supplier compliance and minimize AP staff time with seamless invoicing.


Our technology platform not only deploys multiple capabilities created to erase the problems facing the healthcare supply chain, it also unlocks a partnership designed to ensure success.

We’re so committed to the success of our partners, we’ve created a Customer Success Plan to ensure none of our customers ever feel alone and adrift. Featuring clear benchmarks as well as shared goals and a plan to achieve them, it sets our clients up for continual improvement. A dedicated Customer Success Manager is also onboard to guarantee we deliver on our customers’ goals day after day, driving ongoing cost savings and optimization opportunities. Quarterly business reviews will highlight successes and identify areas for improvement, and the data and analytics health systems need to make smart decisions are accessible at all times.

Our customer service is the main reason VPL enjoys 97% customer retention once a health system or ASC chooses us.


Onboarding with VPL is as easy as 1-2-3-4.


We look at current key metrics and discuss goals with our customers to assess their current freight program

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Using the information we gleaned in the assessment, we’ll present a Business Case that compares our offerings to the customers’ current situation


We step back to allow the Health System or ASC to review how our platform might fit into their current solution structure


We answer any additional questions to help our customers make an informed decision

If you think VPL could be a valuable partner to your ASC supply chain program, click here to schedule a 30-minute demo that shows our platform in action.