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GHX Recognizes North America’s “Best 50” Healthcare Providers for Supply Chain Excellence

Right now, with operating costs going up and reimbursements going down, it’s ever-more challenging for IDNs to provide exceptional patient care, although the best continue to thrive despite these obstacles. VPL is proud to contribute to these IDNs’ supply chain initiatives and delighted to offer congratulations to our partners who were recently recognized by GHX as North America’s “Best 50” Healthcare Providers for Supply Chain Excellence.

  • Loma Linda University Health
  • UCI Health
  • UC San Diego Health
  • UCSF Health
  • UCLA Healthcare
  • University of Utah Health
  • Vanderbilt University Medical

We look forward to continuing to partner with these IDNs and others like them in an effort to maximize efficiencies in their supply chain.

You can see the full list of honorees here.

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