healthcare technology companies should hire clinicians

Why Healthcare Technology Companies Should Hire Clinicians

More and more clinicians are entering health tech

There’s no better way to solve challenges than by experiencing them firsthand.

That’s why healthcare technology companies are hiring clinicians, including doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs, and PTs, to better serve all stakeholders throughout the healthcare industry.

By working hand-in-hand with technology experts, clinical informaticists not only can lean on personal experience to help improve what isn’t working but also drive innovation with their patient expertise and medical knowledge.

These professionals possess a wealth of skills that make them great additions to healthcare technology companies:

  • They’re problem solvers
  • They’re great team players and leaders
  • They’re good communicators
  • They understand the patient and clinician journey better than anyone
  • They attract other great clinicians

Sometimes their value-add is as simple as vernacular. Not everyone at a healthcare technology company can understand and speak to the challenges with the industry lingo. Former clinicians, however, can talk the talk and put prospective clients at ease.

Clinicians are accustomed to using objective data points to help make judgment calls, which is also how modern software development works.

Everyone benefits from collaboration

Whether it’s the flexibility and autonomy of working from home or the desire to be a part of a growing industry, clinicians across the country are eager to break into the field. There’s a great sense of accomplishment and service that comes with joining a healthcare technology company and then solving some of the frustrations of being a clinician.

This recent hiring trend comes at a time when clinician burnout is a significant issue; and, in fact, much of the frustrations stem from trying to integrate technology into the healthcare field. HealthTech Magazine found that 40% of clinician stress is directly attributed to the use of electronic health records.

Many clinicians are realizing they can solve these problems by bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to support the integration of tech into healthcare.

The time clinicians spend navigating, reading, and updating platforms is time they could better spend tending to patients, but the fact that they actually know, through experience, how cumbersome existing technology platforms can be, makes them among the best people to help solve the problem.

Understanding the value of clinical expertise

At VPL, we have launched an internship program to show healthcare professionals that you don’t necessarily have to pursue a traditional path for your whole career. We’re no strangers to the benefits pharmacy informaticists can bring to healthcare technology.

Apple is another great example. The technology giant employs doctors who are helping to integrate health technologies into its Apple Watch product.

Employers everywhere are recognizing the value that healthcare professionals can bring to an organization and, in the end, patients will be the beneficiaries.

Now that we know why healthcare technology companies are hiring clinicians, learn more about this industry trend through the lens of a clinician.