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Lori Jones Joins Troublemakers Podcast to Discuss the Healthcare Supply Chain

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Many marketing leaders feel overwhelmed by the digital onslaught and pinned down implementing the myriad tactics to keep their outreach machine fed. Only 9% of marketers think they’re “sophisticated” at digital marketing, and 44% agree it has become more difficult to capture their audience’s attention.

Out of chaos comes opportunity. After spending more than half a decade running a content marketing agency, Steve, a recent expatriate (evacuee?) of the creative side of the ad agency world, wanted to focus on pursuing the kinds of ideas that truly light up marketing. Facing the inevitable commoditization of content marketing and knowing the importance of bigger ideas and higher level strategies, Trouble Group was founded in 2017.

The Troublemakers Podcast

The Trouble Group is interested in meeting troublemakers – business people who like to shake things up in their industry.

Our Vice President of Sales, Lori Jones, sits down with the Troublemakers Podcast to discuss how VPL is transforming the healthcare supply chain with technology, and how our software solutions are providing choice, transparency and control to providers.

“The provider has traditionally been at the mercy of many of these suppliers,” Jones said. “They’re hiding margin in the cost of freight — upward to 30 to 40 percent — and we’re exposing that.”

She goes on to say that by giving them this insight into the costs of their freight, VPL helps the hospitals and health systems become much more efficient. “It will get them on the path of truly understanding their total landed cost of products,” Jones said.

Listen to the complete podcast here.