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Know when and where your vital product will arrive, and track it every step of the way.

Greater visibility means better patient care.

When health systems order product directly from a manufacturer, there can be a resulting lack of insight into the status of the inbound shipment, causing concerns for everyone in the patient-care value chain. This lack of visibility leads to negative financial impact that results from operational inefficiencies, delayed procedures, unnecessary back-and-forth communication, impaired decision making, and lost or expired products.

The right product. At the right place. At the right time.

VPL View gives health systems the ability to track vital product as it moves from the manufacturer to the point of patient care, making it easy for buyers, supply chain coordinators, and clinicians to know HOW MUCH to expect, and WHEN and WHERE it will arrive. You’ll never again be left wondering whether you have what you need to deliver exceptional patient care.

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Make it easy for your shippers to make the right choices when moving products within and outside your network.

Smarter choices. Greater visibility. Complete control.

VPL Traject was developed specifically for healthcare and is the premier outbound and intranetwork shipping solution designed to accommodate the industry’s unique requirements, including home pharmacy deliveries. Simple and easy to use, it supports regional and national carriers including FedEx, UPS and USPS, as well as local courier networks. As a result, your shippers will be prepared to optimize every shipment for best price and delivery time.

Optimize shipments for immediate savings.

This revolutionary technology enables you to realize better shipping rates, plan and track round trips with chain-of-custody documentation, and ensure that the shipping charge for every package you send is seamlessly allocated to the correct account in your internal financial systems. And you’ll typically see savings that exceed 30% over those of more traditional outbound shipping solutions.

Manage more inbound freight at a lower cost. VPL Surpass gives you the capability to choose your carriers and your rates.

The health industry’s first automated inbound freight management software.

VPL Surpass is revolutionary software that manages your inbound freight for you. By giving you the power to select your carriers and take control of everything coming into your healthcare system, it enables you to manage more freight, which results in guaranteed savings typically exceeding 20% over traditional full-service programs.

Designed to ensure your success.

We’ve taken what is, essentially, an extremely complicated process and made it simple by creating software that runs continuously in the background, automating most of the processes associated with a successful inbound freight management program. We can have you up and running—and saving money—within 14 days.

Monitor the health of your freight program by accessing all of your data and analytics.

Manage your data. Manage your costs.

VPL Percept is a supply chain business intelligence platform that uses interactive graphs and charts to provide you with complete and immediate insight into your supply chain freight spend. It allows you to reduce missed charges, optimize freight expenses, and take full advantage of contract pricing and reimbursement opportunities.

Current data. Real insights. Right and right now.

You’ll receive vital information you can actually use to transform data into an actionable strategy for improvement. Detailed graphics, executive dashboards, and interactive charting tools make it easy to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can prioritize your supply chain efforts, detect performance trends over time, set crucial goals, and see where money is being made…and lost.

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