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Gain exceptional visibility
into the movement of vital product

The facts are clear:
of clinicians
are spending time tracking the status of PPI orders, and half of these are investing four or more hours per week doing so.
of clinicians
don’t know if product will arrive in time for a scheduled procedure.
of clinicians
have seen procedures delayed due to backorders in the last 12 months.
The solution is simple:
|VPLView| is the industry’s first SaaS supply chain visibility platform to enable greater collaboration across the health system
Track-and-trace capabilities and proactive alerts

Now, it’s easy for buyers, supply chain coordinators and clinicians to know the quantity shipped, and when and where it will arrive, which results in less time wasted tracking product and fewer delayed procedures.

Innovative and incredibly easy to adopt

VPL View not only offers an immediate ROI, it also reduces the long-term impact of disruptions to the supply chain. This helps to ensure health systems are able to maintain a supply of critical products and—ultimately—allows them to lower the cost of care and focus on delivering better patient outcomes.

In a nutshell,|VPLView|lets you:
by PO, tracking number, product or buyer
real-time status of product orders
and monitor important shipments on a map
to email notifications for important alerts
order status with any stakeholder
Let us show you how one simple action can make
an enormous difference to your bottom line.
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