pharmacy technician shortage

How to Effectively Manage the Pharmacy Technician Shortage

Factors contributing to the pharmacy technician shortage

Heavy workloads and low pay are just two of the factors contributing to the pharmacy technician shortage these days. Turnover rates of 21% to 30% are not unusual according to Pharmacy Times, and more than 88% of pharmacists say that finding technicians is their number-one problem. Three-quarters of technicians who were interviewed said higher pay would go a long way toward making them want to stay in their positions. But what if that’s not an option for your pharmacy?

We were interested in learning some creative solutions pharmacies have come up with to help manage the pharmacy technician shortage and offer some of the ways VPL can help.

What Can Hospital Pharmacies Do to Help Ensure Pharmacy Technician Retention?

    • Develop Career Ladders

Providing advancement opportunities gives Pharmacy Technicians a clear view of a better future

    • Implement Training Programs

Give these vital members of your team the training they need for continued growth

    • Pay for Meeting Registrations and Memberships

Ensure pharmacy technicians feel valued by giving them the tools and encouraging the relationships they need to be more greatly involved with the industry

    • Make their job easier by taking some of the stress out of the logistics part of their work to increase job satisfaction

This is where we can help

What VPL can do to help ensure pharmacy technician retention

We created VPL TrajectRx™ to empower pharmacies by giving them the cloud-based shipping solutions they need to build stronger, smarter operations. Our clinically-minded solutions help technicians get prescriptions out the door, track and trace them to their final destination, and communicate shipping to patients.

With TrajectRx, pharmacy technicians can get a better handle on all aspects of medication shipping, and that in itself can make their jobs a whole lot less stressful. Here are just a few of the benefits your pharmacy technicians will enjoy when you incorporate TrajectRx into your pharmacy’s day-to-day operations:

  • A reduction in inbound call volume with SMS shipping notifications
  • A reduction in time spent actually shipping packages, thanks to our efficient, integrated workflow
  • The ability to track and trace all deliveries and focus only on those that may need triage early on in the shipment process
  • Less stress in the logistics part of their day, resulting in increased job satisfaction

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In addition, VPL TrajectRx offers your pharmacy complete rate transparency, so you can optimize your shipping costs and, as a result, have more money to spend on automation, staff rates, and any other strategies you hope to incorporate.

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