specialty pharmacy medication tracking

Specialty Pharmacy Medication Tracking for Patients and Clinical Staff

Critical Issues Affecting Today’s Specialty Pharmacies

Part Two: Visibility

Specialty pharmacy medication tracking is key to patient safety and success

“Where are my meds?”…. A question no pharmacist wants to hear from a patient, and one that is a direct result of not having specialty pharmacy medication tracking.

Without visibility software, specialty pharmacists cannot confirm if medications were delivered to the correct address. In addition, they have no insight into whether shipments are late or lost or if temperature parameters are maintained.

At best, a lack of specialty pharmacy medication tracking can lead to patient confusion. At worst, it can jeopardize patient safety and cause relapse, which ultimately requires readmission to the hospital.

When specialty medication shipments go missing, pharmacists are required to spend valuable time tracking them down. To keep them working at the top of their license and ensure protection against audit risk, the ideal solution is to include a visibility piece into a singular workflow that can be managed within one site.

Even when labeling is correct, errors with carriers can and will happen. When it does, it is critical to know where a package is in the shipping process.

How specialty pharmacies can increase visibility into medication shipments

VPL TrajectRx offers specialty pharmacy medication tracking functionality and delivery notifications designed to give pharmacists confidence. Enabling our solution means no more package rescue, and no more worrying about audits.

Instead, you’ll have peace of mind that every patient is receiving their prescriptions at the right place, on-time, every time.

Our two-minute explainer video breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand:

If you are interested in seeing VPL TrajectRx in action and learning more about our real-time track-and-tracing capabilities, chat with us today.