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VPL Launches Pharmacy Solution to Ensure Secure & Cost-Effective Medication Delivery

Built on proven technology, VPL provides a single platform for industry-wide healthcare supply chain needs, including specialty pharmacy software solutions.

Columbus, OH, March 16, 2022 –(PR.com)– VPL, an industry leader in smart supply chain solutions for healthcare clients, announced the launch of TrajectRx, a clinically-minded specialty pharmacy software built for pharmacists, by pharmacists.

In addition to ensuring medications are delivered cost-effectively and securely, TrajectRx helps extend the continuity of patient care, brings clarity to the fulfillment process from the pharmacy to the point of patient care, and delivers compliance with payors and accrediting bodies.

VPL’s approach of using technology to make sure products get to the right place at the right time is now available to outpatient and specialty pharmacies.

“A lot of times, pharmacy delivery is not considered part of the supply chain. But what we’ve found is the technology used most in the industry for clinical supplies works great for delivering these specialty medications, too. Using the same platform to automate inbound and outbound across all discrete supply chains unlocks the data you need to achieve real visibility.”
–Eric McGlade, Founder & CEO, VPL

By helping specialty pharmacies streamline shipping and deliveries, capture expanded revenue opportunities, keep more patients in the system, and communicate more effectively with patients to improve Rx adherence and the continuum of care, TrajectRx helps solve specialty pharmacies’ biggest pain points.

“Having no cost control, no visibility, and no ability to budget with the options out there with various carriers was the main frustration, in addition to the lack of accountability if a shipment went missing.”
–Kevin Blackburn, Network Pharmacy Director, Kettering Hospital

To help lead the launch of TrajectRx, Amanda Awe, PharmD, RPh, joins VPL as the company’s first Pharmacy Leader/Product Specialist. As an experienced clinician, she previously worked in retail, compounding, home infusion and specialty and managed care pharmaceutical environments. Dr. Awe brings clinical expertise, customer knowledge and a passion for healthcare innovation to this new role.

This is just one piece of the platform of solutions that helps CFOs and supply chain leaders control costs and build resiliency into their health system on their journey to a smart supply chain. Whether you want to start with clinical supplies or pharmacy, this single platform is built to support you.

To explain more about what TrajectRx has to offer pharmacies, VPL hosted a 30-minute educational web event on Wednesday, March 30 at 12 PM ET. You can access the on-demand recording here. You can also visit the company’s website at www.getvpl.com.

About VPL

VPL empowers health systems with smart supply chain solutions that allow clear visibility into order status and end-to-end movement of vital product. Offering crucial insights into hidden or siloed data improves operational efficiencies, mitigates risk and increases transparency and resilience in the supply chain. This allows health systems to focus on what matters most: quality patient care.

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