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VPL Launches Industry’s First & Only Healthcare Supply Chain Visibility Solution

VPL announces the healthcare industry’s first SaaS supply chain visibility platform to enable greater collaboration across health systems.

COLUMBUS, OH, April 15, 2021 — VPL, an industry leader in software technology solutions for healthcare systems, has just launched their latest SaaS supply chain visibility solution: VPL View.

Predicated on the fact that one of the biggest supply chain issues is lack of visibility into information that is siloed between suppliers, carriers and providers, the development of VPL View was undertaken to help quickly and easily reconcile data. The resultant software provides stakeholders with insight into order status and movement of vital product from manufacturer to point of patient care, and improves operational efficiencies, mitigates risk and increases confidence in the supply chain.

“We regularly hear from health systems that clinicians are spending an inordinate amount of time tracking the status of orders. We wanted to help them turn what can feel like chaos into clarity, so that they can stop chasing product and focus more on patient care.”  Eric McGlade, Founder & CEO, VPL

Incredibly simple to implement and adopt, VPL View allows users to search orders by PO number, product or buyer; quickly find the status of these orders, subscribe to email notifications alerting them to status changes; and share this information with clinicians and other key stakeholders.

A combination of innovative track-and-trace capabilities and proactive alerts make it easy for buyers, supply chain coordinators and clinicians to know the quantity of product shipped, as well as when and where it will arrive, resulting in less time wasted tracking product and fewer delayed procedures.

“VPL View not only offers an immediate ROI, it also reduces the long-term impact of disruptions to the supply chain helping our customers lower the cost of care and focus on delivering better patient outcomes.” Derrek Seif, Chief Product Officer, VPL

About VPL

VPL has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to providing visibility into the healthcare supply chain. Their revolutionary software platform lays the foundation necessary to start solving the really big issues related to lack of visibility in the supply chain; waste, obsolescence, negative financial impacts, and negatively impacted patient outcomes. It draws on their in-depth knowledge of the industry, years of experience, and current position as a technological leader in the healthcare supply chain space.

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