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VPL Discusses How Freight Technology Helps Reduce Healthcare Costs

VPL chats with TechOhio about rapid growth and future plans

Our Vice President of Business Development, Don Carroll, recently sat down with TechOhio to discuss VPL’s incredibly rapid growth in the healthcare freight market, the move into a newer (bigger) office space, and exciting plans for the future. In the interview, Carroll discusses VPL’s use of leading-edge technology to help healthcare organizations boost the efficiency of their freight management activities and enabling them to save money—often saving them enough money to fund larger initiatives.

Efficiency: Organizations are faced with a decision to use an expensive third-party logistics company or to try to do it themselves with spreadsheets and costly manpower. We offer the solution, which is a technology that simplifies everything and allows them to handle it in-house. Using years of aggregated data, we can manage their carriers, tell them how to ship, and expedite invoicing by accurately allocating their shipping charges

Cost-savings: The bottom line is that this technology uses advanced data and analytics to provide them a better view of their own supply chain so that they can make better decisions to drive down their costs. Our software saved a client over 400 hours of staff time previously spent processing their outbound shipping carrier charges. Those are enormous costs. We estimate a potential 35-40% savings with VPL.

Growth: We’re flying the coop. We’re leaving the nest. Over time, we became the largest tenant at Rev1 and we’ve grown to where it makes sense for us to take up our own office space. But we would not be where we are today without the phenomenal support we’ve gotten from the startup community here in Ohio. We have willing investors, access to talent from excellent universities, experienced mentors, and an overall hospitable climate for business. We’re really excited for what the future has in store for VPL in Ohio.

You can read the entire article here.