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What Supply Chain Leaders Can Do to Make This Their Best & Most Productive Year Yet

What can supply chain leaders do to make this year their best (and most productive) year ever?

Quite a bit, actually. VPL recently sponsored a webinar in which a group of experienced industry veterans joined The Journal of Healthcare Contracting to create a short list of things supply chain leaders can do right now to improve their results. The experts, John Pritchard, Joe Walsh, and Kreg Koford, came up with five things guaranteed to make 2019 the best year yet.

We’ve highlighted their Top 5 below, but you can download the entire MP3 here.

1. Align your team to the system objective(s) and understand the decision-making process to achieve the departmental contributions for those objectives.

In short, don’t get complacent, but also don’t get so focused on implementing “best practices” and innovations that no longer align with your goals. Make sure you know what your leadership thinks is most important.

2. Know your numbers and have “spend transparency.”

Data consolidation is critical to eliminating the small inefficiencies that can lead to large problems.

3. Filter out best practices.

Don’t try to emulate the competition; do what works best for your organization.

4. Find some quick wins.

Then tell the story of your success. It’s a great way to engage emotions and elevate your team.

5. Remind your system that suppliers are not the enemy.

Take the time to evaluate your suppliers, then foster good relationships with the exceptional ones. Good partners can help you create collective value, and improve your bottom line.

Access to the full webinar recording here.