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What to Think About if You’re Considering Supply Chain Visibility Software | Part Five: Putting it All Together

This is the fifth and final blog of a five-part series.

By Scott Crow, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder

We’ve given you a number of questions to ask yourself and a lot to think about.

If you believe Supply Chain Visibility Software is a good solution for your organization, we invite you to consider VPL as your Healthcare Supply Chain Partner.

Our core business started with inbound direct-to-IDN product logistics management, and expanded to cover provider-initiated movement (carrier, courier, LTL). We are now also addressing the needs of IDN-operated specialty pharmacy.

This vantage point allows us to see all of the direct-to-IDN purchases, products, origins and movements we aggregate—providing us with a unique “live” view including tracking, backorders, and carrier and weather disruptions. This enables us to evaluate historical supplier performance.

Prior to creating our visibility questionnaire, we surveyed numerous IDNs.

The survey revealed they are spending valuable hours of time on the phone, calling to:

  • Ensure their critical care orders would be filled at the quantity required
  • Obtain tracking information
  • Provide clinicians with a view into the availability of the products they care about most

These calls are an incredible waste of time for both IDNs and suppliers.

To date, supplier response has been to create portals for self-service inquiry. However, that only further shines a spotlight on the problem. Many IDN buyers and supply chain personnel now find themselves having to “access a thousand more portals and remember more passwords.”

We can assert that healthcare, and specifically IDNs, have been underserved by solutions aimed at other industries. The healthcare supply chain space is ripe for innovation. As we continue to grow and innovate, our customers are guiding us to create products that inform supply chain visibility and resiliency.

It’s a partnership that allows everyone to do better as we work together to ensure the best possible patient care.

We encourage you to go back and look over all of the questions again.

This time, read them knowing VPL has the technology in place to answer every single one of them. You can get a copy of the entire list to review or print, here.

Explore our visibility solution and schedule a demo with us to see what it would look like to have VPL as a healthcare supply chain partner.

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