Webinar | Managing Rising Costs for ASCs Amid Inventory Challenges

surgery center supply chain

Surgery Center Supply Chain Webinar Overview Supply chain disruptions, rising costs of medical equipment, and staff shortages are among the headwinds making it difficult for ASCs to thrive. Every industry feels the impact of a fragile supply chain, but in healthcare it presents a serious loss of productivity, revenue, and a threat to high-quality care. […]

Webinar | How to Get Healthcare Supply Chain Visibility

how to get supply chain visibility

Enhance your healthcare supply chain operations with visibility. In this virtual presentation, Chad Pfaff, VP of Product Management, discusses how VPL leverages data to unlock visibility. Our Smart Supply Chain Platform was developed to provide healthcare supply chain professionals with an Amazon−like experience. We use technology to maximize cost savings and provide real-time visibility into […]

Webinar | Leading Freight Management Conversations with Data and Analytics

supply chain data and analytics

Leverage supply chain data and analytics to save money month-over-month. Learn how to reduce missed charges, optimize freight expense, and take advantage of contract pricing and reimbursement opportunities. Healthcare providers struggle to gain a comprehensive view of all data associated with how products move throughout the healthcare system. Fragmented systems and inconsistent data storage methods […]

Webinar | Cost Savings & Visibility Opportunities for ASCs


Learn how ASCs can reduce freight shipping costs with Amazon-like ordering experience. We’ve identified an area where Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are losing significant amounts of money. The culprit: uncontrolled costs related to shipping. The good news is that it’s an easy fix.In this presentation, Chris Tate, Director of Business Development, discusses how VPL’s Smart Supply Chain […]

Webinar | Pitfalls of Traditional Healthcare Freight Management Services

Lack of visibility into the healthcare supply chain is frustrating. VPL can help. We’re reinventing healthcare freight management using technology and automation to provide transparency and visibility into the supply chain. VPL’s software is the best supply chain solution in the marketplace, with guaranteed savings of 20% or more over traditional full-service programs. We support […]