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VPL talks to Smart Business Magazine About How to Beat the Pace of Change & Transform Your Company

VPL’s Rob Doone gets interviewed by Smart Business Magazine

For the past several years, VPL has been on the cutting-edge of technology. And according to Rob Doone, our President and CEO, it’s the only way to compete effectively. In a recent interview with Jayne Gest of Smart Business Magazine, Doone stated that if companies want to stay in business, they simply cannot maintain the status quo. By paying attention to what’s going on in the market, becoming an expert in your customer’s business, and identifying what they need versus what is actually available today, you can use technology to bring them the solutions they need today, and see what issues they might be confronting in the future.

Read the entire interview, outlining how to beat the pace of change and transform your company here.

“We had a similar health care freight management business about eight years ago, which was eventually sold. Our current company, VPL, is in the same industry but is geared toward using technology to drive operational efficiencies in freight management services,” says President and CEO Rob Doone. “With the use of technology, today we’re twice as efficient as we were in the other company.”

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