improve healthcare supply chain operational efficiency

Improve Healthcare Supply Chain Operational Efficiency

Workflow inefficiency in the healthcare supply chain 

You are probably well aware that there’s a staff and clinician shortage in healthcare right now. Although there’s not much you can do about inflation, patient load, or the multitude of other things causing employee frustration, there is one thing you can control, and that’s your operational efficiency.

With an outdated supply chain model, staff and clinicians are spending far too much time on the phone with carriers and suppliers trying to track down critical products. Consequently, it prevents them from working at the top of their license and delivering outstanding patient care. However, smart supply chain technology can be used to create collaborative workflows. With immediate visibility into shipment status, you can allow for earlier contingency planning and improve staff and clinician satisfaction.

Improving healthcare supply chain operational efficiency

No hospital or health system wants to deal with disruptions that impact patient care. And by providing clinicians with insight into order status and movement of products, you give them real-time supply chain visibility that:

  • Mitigates risk
  • Lowers cost of care
  • Minimizes time wasted tracking product
  • Reduces the long-term impact of disruptions
  • Helps ensure hospitals maintain a sufficient supply of critical products
  • Allows you to focus on delivering better patient outcomes

Cloud-based and automated supply chain management software helps improve healthcare supply chain operational efficiency. By providing real-time visibility, aligning supply chain logistics to clinical activity, letting you choose between multiple carriers, and leveraging performance data and analytics, VPL helps drive the operational efficiencies that guarantee savings.

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