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We Just Reinvented Freight Management…. Again

VPL Launches self-managed freight software VPL Surpass

For the past several years, we’ve heard from a number of health systems that they might be interested in self-managing their medical freight program. We understood all the reasons they might want to make the transition—more savings, more control, eliminating the middleman, but we were concerned about the complexity they would encounter. We’ve spent a number of years perfecting our full-service freight management program in order to make it look easy, but we know from experience it’s anything but; there are a lot of moving parts that most of our customers have never even considered.

However, we’re firm believers in progress and we knew intuitively that self-managing a freight program could be a really great idea for a significant number of health systems. We set to work developing a revolutionary cloud-based technology solution that would make the complex task of freight management simple. This week, we’re launching that solution—VPL Surpass.

We’ve spent more than a year developing VPL Surpass, building in years of our subject matter expertise to ensure our customers’ success. It provides everything you need to successfully set up and run your own self-managed freight program, including our continuous on-demand support from our dedicated customer success managers. Read more about how we’re reinventing freight management (again) on our new website, then call us with any questions to see if VPL Surpass might be the right medical freight program solution for your health system.

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