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Our Pharmacy Solution Software
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When it comes to long-term health management, a hospital stay or visit is often the shortest portion of care.

Once the patient goes home, they depend on your hospital’s pharmacy. You can depend on VPL TrajectRx to ensure patients receive the right meds at the right place, right on time, every time.

VPL TrajectRx develops a seamless workflow

Our cloud-based software system allows you to integrate your pharmacy management systems, enabling you to see multiple carriers in one place, ship in batches and eliminate one-off label creation, and end the errors that can cost money and cause headaches.

It also allows you to protect margins and capture new revenue opportunities by preventing leakage and keeping more patients in your system, which makes physicians, patients, AND your CFO happy.

VPL TrajectRx ensures prescriptions are received on time, every time

When packages get lost and delayed, or patients aren’t home to receive, you not only waste valuable time retracing your shippers’ steps, you also run the risk of patient readmission. With VPL TrajectRx, patients are notified before shipping, and you receive notice that shipments were received and signed for. The result is better continuity of care and more time to do what you do best.

VPL TrajectRx improves compliance and makes audits and accreditations a breeze

By automatically digitizing shipping records, VPL TrajectRx gets information out of the filing cabinet and into the Cloud, for up to ten years of online access.

Why |VPLTrajectrx| ?
Seamless Shipping
Simplifies your delivery system, ensuring seamless information transfer between dispensing and shipping
Assured Delivery
Text notices alert patients to delivery date and time
Confirmed Receipt
You’ll receive notice that your shipment has been received and signed for
Documented Performance
Access to ten years of shipping info to aid in compliance, audits and accreditations

Our pharmacy uses VPL TrajectRx to schedule our prescription deliveries to patients in six different states. Traject’s ‘View My Shipments’ tab has more flexibility than FedEx package tracking because we can search by tracking number, address, shipping method, multiship ID, carrier or Case ID. We use the reports to identify packages that are not delivered within the appropriate time that meet our accreditation’s standards for refrigerated deliveries and overall deliveries. We also use the reports to identify trends or areas of improvement.

~ Director of Pharmacy Operations
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