reducing healthcare costs through supply chain management

Healthcare Supply Chain Strategies for Cost Management [Handbook]

Healthcare providers are feeling the pinch of increasing costs, a significant concern that has lingered since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Carrier rates, fees, and fuel charges are going up, along with costs for medical supplies, equipment, and labor.

In today’s healthcare world, the saying “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” highlights how crucial it is to have clear data in the supply chain. To tackle this challenge, many health systems are adopting digital technology for strategic planning.

VPL’s Analytics & Data Visualization platform helps supply chain leaders, financial and data analysts, procurement teams, and contract negotiators reduce healthcare costs through supply chain management.

To help organizations take charge of their expenses, this handbook zeroes in on four key areas to get started strategically.

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Reducing Healthcare Costs Through Supply Chain Management

This handbook will help you:

Download this handbook to learn how you can reduce healthcare costs through supply chain management.

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