VPL’s Data-Focused Supply Chain Visibility Platform Saves Millions Compared to Traditional Freight Management Programs

VPL’s smart supply chain software for healthcare has saved $5M for clients over the past 12 months based on a 30% average reduction in shipping costs.

Columbus, OH, August 7, 2023 — VPL, a leading provider of smart supply chain software for the healthcare market, has saved $5M for clients over the past 12 months based on a 30% average reduction in shipping costs.

Over the course of a year, VPL identified $1.4M in supplier fees that could be saved. With transparency into supplier fees, actionable insights turn into cost savings with features only available through the VPL platform.

“We see all of the data, and we identify the greatest opportunities for improvement, thus helping our customers tackle them,” said Eric McGlade, Co-founder and CEO, VPL. “We’re absolutely still leading the pack for managing more inbound freight at a lower cost, but we’re offering our customers so much more than that.”

VPL is leading the way in expanding supply chain control beyond inbound freight management. As health systems continue to grow with mergers and expansions in both acute and non-acute settings, intranetwork shipping has increased. Moreover, the emergence of specialty pharmacy as a revenue driver has increased the instance of critical shipments to patient’s homes. Specialty pharmacies grew by 315% between 2015 and 2021, according to a report in Drug Topics. The specialty drug pipeline is projected to grow by 8% per year through 2025, according to the same report.

VPL is saving customers money and helping build effective operations for outbound shipping. In the last 12 months, VPL’s smart supply chain software for healthcare identified $2M in savings opportunities by optimizing outbound shipping behaviors for our customers.

“We try to make it an easy decision and an easy implementation, especially knowing what supply chain teams are facing in this financial climate,” McGlade said. “We hear very positive feedback on our implementation approach, which probably helps that we typically beat that 20%+ guarantee.”

VPL promises a 45-day time to savings on implementation as well as a savings guarantee of 20%+ for new customers.

About VPL

VPL helps healthcare build smarter supply chains by leveraging technology to strengthen the chain’s two most critical links: visibility and data and analytics. VPL’s software provides access to real-time order status and optimization opportunities, ultimately helping organizations save time and cut costs. VPL has 20 years of experience in the healthcare supply chain, serving 700+ hospitals, pharmacies, and ambulatory surgery centers while maintaining a 97% customer retention rate. For more information, visit www.getvpl.com.