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Don Carroll Talks Tech Trends With Columbus Underground

We’re always one step ahead. Don Carroll talks with Columbus Underground about tech trends, and why staying out in front is crucial for business.

In a recent online article, Don Carroll, our Vice President of Business Development, talked with Susan Post about the importance of developing cutting-edge supply chain technology. Don stated that “If (VPL) doesn’t come up with new solutions, somebody else is going to.” And since, VPL prides itself on being the pioneer in the industry, we’re not about to let someone else beat us to the punch.

Don went on to explain that, since most of VPL’s executive leadership team has been in the industry long enough to know what the pain points are and where inefficiencies in the healthcare supply chain are, we’re in an ideal position to come up with technology solutions for the marketplace. But, he says, there are also lots of other sources business owners can look to for solutions. For instance, conferences can provide a window into what other players in the market are working on, as can glimpsing at industries like automotive, retail and consumer electronics, all of which are traditionally more efficient than healthcare.

Don also talks a lot about the importance of developing collaborative relationships with customers and third-party providers, about having a strategic vision, and emulating the successes of others.

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