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Becker’s Webinar: Enable Your Critical Clinical Supply Chain with Real-Time and Reactive Visibility

You can now access our Beckers webinar on-demand below:

Beckers Webinar Description

The healthcare supply chain is often overlooked as a potential area for innovation. However, as inflation continues to pressure health system finances, it’s becoming increasingly clear that old supply chain models won’t cut it in today’s fiscal environment.

Providers realize they must create a more situationally aware, collaborative, flexible supply chain—which is especially important for revenue-generating areas such as surgery and specialty pharmacy. Supply chain leaders are looking for advanced technologies to achieve this aim.

In this VPL and Beckers webinar, learn how technology empowers healthcare supply chain leaders to better negotiate with suppliers, optimize critical clinical and revenue-generating areas, and create real-time track-and-trace visibility.

Watch the Beckers replay to:

  • Understand the value of real-time supply chain visibility and a clinically aligned supply chain
  • Learn how to leverage data and analytical insights within and beyond the supply chain
  • Discover how to reduce the impact of inflation on supply chain costs and availability

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