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VPL Expands to Support More of the Healthcare Market

The Columbus-based supply chain technology leader is now bringing cost savings and visibility to critical access hospitals, non-acute facilities and pharmacies while continuing to upgrade IDNs to smarter supply chain technology.

Columbus, OH, September 1, 2022 – VPL, an industry leader in smart supply chain software for the healthcare market, is expanding to bring supply chain visibility and cost savings to critical access and non-acute facilities including ambulatory surgery centers.

The team has grown by 20% already this year and is planning for continued growth over the next few months to support this expansion, along with continued emergence into the pharmacy space. This past March, the company announced the launch of VPL TrajectRx, which ensures specialty drugs are delivered cost-effectively and securely. 

“Cost control and visibility are critical for all of healthcare when it comes to freight management. We built our platform with technology so that customers can take back ownership of and have access to their own data, which has been intentionally obscured until this point,” says Eric McGlade, CEO and Co-Founder at VPL. “Our technology empowers clients by unlocking the data and actionable insights needed to solve for or plan around supply chain disruptions.” 

Recently, VPL has added a number of standalone hospitals to its client list, including Edgerton Hospital, Excelsior Springs, Prairie Ridge Health, and St. Luke’s Community Healthcare in Kansas. With the recent release of TrajectRx, they’ve also added Mandell’s Pharmacy to their client list.

“We’ve spent a great deal of time supporting IDNs with our revolutionary smart supply chain platform—and we continue to do so—but we’ve also come to realize that critical access and non-acute facilities are underserved and struggling with the same challenges. And pharmacy is also feeling the complexity and lack of control when shipping prescriptions,” says McGlade. “Our team helps reduce costs while increasing visibility, which means smaller hospitals, surgery centers, and pharmacies can operate with the sophistication of these IDNs and truly build a more resilient supply chain.”

VPL’s smart supply chain software is a SaaS model that offers price transparency and enables visibility into freight management which, in turn, unlocks savings for hospitals of all sizes. Further, VPL’s unmatched data and analytics tools provide even greater ongoing savings opportunities. 

In addition to actively pursuing opportunities with critical access and non-acute facilities and pharmacy, VPL continues to add larger hospitals and IDNs to its list of clients.  

VPL will be hosting a series of virtual events showcasing the key differences between their smart supply chain platform and traditional freight programs. For more information, visit www.getvpl.com/our-resources and follow us on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/getvpl.

About VPL

By making the procurement-through-fulfillment processes smarter and more profitable, VPL is creating a new supplier dynamic whereby customers benefit from reduced costs, better insights, and increased transparency and efficiency. The industry’s only Smart Supply Chain Platform automates inbound and outbound shipping, unlocks visibility into the status of critical shipments, and identifies cost-savings opportunities for all of the healthcare market including IDNs, critical access, outpatient, and pharmacy. With more than 700 hospitals, 6,000+ suppliers, and a 97% customer retention rate, it’s clear that VPL is the company the healthcare industry trusts to deliver savings, insights, and peace of mind.

To learn more or to schedule a demo, visit the company’s website at www.getvpl.com.