VPL TrajectRx and Asembia-1 Announce New Integration to Help Specialty Pharmacies with the Prescription Shipping Workflow

VPL TrajectRx and Asembia-1 have come together to form a partnership allowing specialty pharmacies to manage all pharmacy operations in one single platform.

Columbus, OH, September 29, 2022 – VPL TrajectRx today announced a new partnership with Asembia-1. This partnership will help Asembia-1’s new and existing customers simplify their prescription shipping workflow by providing visibility into the status of shipments, reducing risk of errors, simplifying audits and accreditation, and increasing employee satisfaction.

When pharmacists utilize multiple systems and processes for prescription delivery, it leads to lack of control and visibility into the status of shipments, in addition to complicating the process of delivery metrics reporting. Through this partnership, Asembia-1 has integrated their solution into VPL TrajectRx.

VPL TrajectRx provides a clinically minded solution to get prescriptions out the door, track and trace them to their destination, and communicate shipping updates to both patients and pharmacy staff. Access to data in one place not only improves operational performance, but also helps with audits and accreditation.

“We are thrilled to finally have this integration completed so we can bring simplicity, cost savings, and full visibility to Asembia-1’s customers whose workflow includes shipping specialty drugs,” says Eric McGlade, CEO and Co-Founder at VPL. “Pharmacists will now have the ability to take control over shipping costs with carrier and courier options, keep patients and Rx staff notified of the status of their prescriptions from shipped to delivered, simplify payor audits with proof of delivery, and access targeted data insights specific to their accreditation metrics.”

Asembia-1 is an integrated, web-based software platform to optimize specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow, and overall patient management while providing actionable, real-time data and analytics and robust business intelligence.

“Our mission is to create workflow efficiencies for specialty pharmacies so they can focus their efforts on providing a higher level of patient care,” says Shivani Patel, EVP of Patient Access Solutions at Asembia. “We are thrilled that our integration and partnership with VPL TrajectRx will provide a streamlined method to manage and track prescription shipments, thus enabling Asembia-1 to further support our user community.”

The benefits of this new partnership and integration include:

  • Improved prescription shipping workflow efficiency by reducing the number of steps it takes to ship prescriptions – Pharmacists can complete the full prescription shipping workflow without leaving the Asembia-1 platform
  • Reduced risk of errors and increased patient safety by eliminating manual data entry
  • Rx tracking visibility for staff, delivery alerts for patients
  • Cost transparency and control with choice of carrier and courier
  • Simplified payor audits with proof of delivery and targeted data insights specific to accreditation metrics

For more information and to schedule a demo, please visit www.go.getvpl.com/asembia-integration.

About VPL

VPL delivers visibility and resiliency to clinical supply chains. By making the procurement-through-fulfillment processes smarter and more profitable, it creates a new supplier dynamic whereby customers benefit from reduced costs, better insights, and increased transparency and efficiency. VPL developed the industry’s only Smart Supply Chain Platform, which automates inbound and outbound shipping, unlocks visibility into the status of critical shipments, and identifies cost-savings opportunities for all of healthcare including IDNs, critical access, outpatient, and pharmacy. With more than 700 hospitals, 6,000 plus suppliers, and a 97 percent customer retention rate, it’s clear that VPL is the company the healthcare industry trusts to deliver savings, insights, and peace of mind. For more information, visit www.getvpl.com.

About Asembia

Asembia is a leading provider of business solutions for specialty pharmaceuticals. The company collaborates with thousands of member pharmacies, manufacturer partners, prescribers, and other industry stakeholders to deliver solutions for the specialty pharmaceutical channel. Through shared business programs, contracting initiatives, patient support HUB services and innovative technology platforms, Asembia is committed to positively impacting the patient journey. Asembia is also the host of the industry’s foremost annual meeting of specialty pharmacy stakeholders. For more information, visit www.asembia.com.