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VPL Recognized as a Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain Management Consulting/Services Company for 2018

VPL recognized by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine

Not only were we recognized by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine as one of the companies at the forefront of impacting the healthcare supply chain management marketplace, we also made the cover of their December 2018 issue. Focused on all of the ways we are reinventing medical freight management in order to deliver incremental savings and real value to healthcare providers, the magazine article centered in on co-founders Eric McGlade and Scott Crow, and VP of Business Development, Don Carroll regarding our revolutionary use of technology in changing the medical freight management landscape.

Highlights of the article include an overview of VPL Surpass™, our self-service healthcare supply chain management platform, as well as our focus on complete healthcare supply chain visibility and the unsurpassed level of experience our team brings to the table.

You can download the entire article here.

How we help the healthcare supply chain marketplace
  1. Freight management: The best solution in the marketplace with guaranteed savings of 20% or more over traditional full-service programs. Supporting FedEx, UPS and USPS allows choice of carrier rates which gets you the best deal, and puts you back in control of your own program (and data).
  2. Intelligence: We’re the first and the only healthcare-specific platform leveraging data with technology. On-demand dashboard reveals ongoing cost-savings opportunities, and makes it easier to monitor and control department shipping.
  3. Visibility: We make real-time visibility on shipping status your reality. Industry’s only track-and-trace functionality creates an Amazon-like experience. You can even subscribe to notifications and share order status with key stakeholders.
  4. Pharmacy workflow: Clinically-minded solutions created for Pharmacies, by Pharmacists. Choice of carrier and courier options allow for cost transparency and control. Technology simplifies audits and accreditation with data insights.
Why choose VPL?
  • Hard money guarantees
  • Flat-rate, transparent pricing
  • Allows choice of carrier
  • Real-time order status
  • More supplier shipment volume
  • Pharmacy specific modules
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