How ASCs Can Offset Expenses by Getting Better Control of the Supply Chain

surgery center cost savings

Addressing the Rising Costs of Surgery Centers It’s time to address the primary topic all ASCs are concerned with right now—surgery center cost savings. Earlier this month, the proposal ASCs had been dreading became reality. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized a physician pay cut that will reduce the physician pay conversion factor […]

Inventory Management Is an Issue for Most ASCs. Here Are a Few Things That Can Help.

surgery center inventory management

Understanding the complexity of surgery center inventory management The pandemic taught healthcare professionals a number of things, including the fact that supply needs can shift suddenly and dramatically. However, this remains particularly true for ASC supply chains. For the health of both their patients and the bottom line, it is crucial for ASCs to make […]

The Essential Questions to Ask When Considering Supply Chain Visibility Software

medical supply chain visibility

We came up with a list of questions to ask yourself if and when considering a medical supply chain visibility software. GENERAL With multiple solutions to choose from, how do you know which—if any—will meet your needs? What, specifically, should you be looking for? Were the solutions you’re considering created for IDN use? Was the […]