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Kettering Health Specialty Pharmacies Find Greater Visibility & Cost Savings for Rx Shipments

Kettering Health Specialty Pharmacy Case Study with VPL TrajectRx™

Kettering Health is a faith-based family of medical centers, emergency centers, and outpatient facilities headquartered in Dayton, OH. With a mission of being recognized as a leader in transforming the healthcare experience, they are always looking for ways to be on the leading edge of technology.

As it did for companies globally, and especially for the health care industry, COVID-19 brought many new challenges to the workplace which required changes to everyday routines to serve both clients, patients, and employees.

For Kettering Health, this manifested in increased retail traffic from curbside pickup of prescriptions at their owned pharmacies.

“Our pharmacy benefit plan changed during this time as well, requiring maintenance refills internally as a cost benefit to members and the plan, which increased pharmacy volumes and created a need to be able to ship to our large number of employees, with the ratio as much as 50/50 employee to patient in some of our retail pharmacies, and 40/60 across the full health system,” explains Kevin Blackburn, Network Pharmacy Director.

“Having no cost control, no visibility, and no ability to budget with the options out there with various carriers was the main frustration, in addition to the lack of accountability if a shipment went missing.” Blackburn says he had heard talk of TrajectRx from his supply chain team, which prompted him to reach out to VPL.

VPL TrajectRx seemed to be the perfect fit and solution.

“TrajectRx allowed us to type in all the address information in one place and have it streamlined to view the options and details for various providers.” This allowed the company to have choice, take back control, keep an eye on the essential (medication) product throughout its movement, be able to competently report to provider offices and patients, save time and money, and gain peace of mind. “The providers and patients are both satisfied as a result,” adds Blackburn.

Prior to partnering with VPL, we were at the mercy of whoever was shipping/receiving,” Blackburn says. He explains further that switching to TrajectRx broke the habit of defaulting to the expensive shipping option, and the status of each option Kettering selected could be seen.

“It’s better for the patient and the business for them to have a choice and know what to expect.”

It was a win-win between Kettering Health and VPL.

You can read the entire case study here.

If shipping prescriptions part of your pharmacy’s workflow, request a demo of TrajectRx and speak with a member of our team.