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The Guide to Selecting the Right Specialty Pharmacy Software Solution

How to select the right specialty pharmacy software solution

Anyone in a specialty pharmacy understands that their shipping needs are different and more complex than those of other industries. First, every pharmacy has its own unique workflow. Secondly, although many software systems can help dispense medication, a recent URAC study showed that pharmacies have more than two times as many errors in the distribution of a prescription as they do in the dispensing of it.

There are many critical issues that spring from trying to fit a non-healthcare software solution into the day-to-day running of a specialty pharmacy, chief among them safety concerns, lack of visibility, poor compliance, and uncontrolled costs.

Critical issues stemming from non-healthcare software solutions

    • SAFETY

Lack of automation and manual data entry can lead to errors that result in serious safety issues


Delivery to the wrong address, late arrivals, failed shipments, poor temperature control, and patient confusion can all result from the inability to see pharmaceutical shipments from the point of dispensing to point of patient care.


Inability to demonstrate PI, payor clawbacks, and gaps in accreditation add uncertainty to the compliance process.


Uncontrolled shipping costs, manual invoicing, and avoidable rescue lead to out-of-control expenses and unhappy CFOs.


Choosing the right specialty pharmacy software solution can be a real game-changer. But where should you begin to choose the right solution for your unique needs?

Before you even begin looking at available software solutions, make a list of the specific problems faced by your specialty pharmacy.

Are you struggling to maintain accreditation standards? Losing too much time tracking shipments? Dealing with out-of-control costs?

Once you have your list, look not only for the software solution that can quickly solve your existing problems but can grow with your pharmacy and make your processes even more efficient.

Below, we offer a comprehensive checklist designed to help you find your ideal solution.


Specialty pharmacy software solution checklist:


Perhaps nothing is more important to the safety of your patients and the accreditation of your pharmacy than end-to-end visibility and real-time tracking of every shipment that leaves your pharmacy. Look for software that provides downstream proof of delivery and automatically updates patients on the delivery status.


The human touch is crucial when it comes to caring for patients, but it can make mistakes when dealing with technology. The right specialty pharmacy software solution will help mitigate errors making it both easier to use and safer for patients.


According to an article from Enliven Health, “There are many benefits to ensuring any new technologies can integrate with your existing pharmacy management solution. When all your systems are connected and talking to each other, they provide a much more accurate picture of the state of your business. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for specialty pharmacy software that can seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions for e-prescribing, medical billing, electronic health records, inventory management, dispensing, and more?”


Pharmacists turning to software solutions are hoping to spend less time dealing with problems and more time focused on patient care. Having a software provider ready to answer questions and help with new technologies is crucial to making the most of any specialty pharmacy software solution.


Actionable insights and exportable reports enable specialty pharmacies to demonstrate performance improvement and delivery accuracy in support of accreditation needs and contracting requirements.


If your software solution doesn’t offer a customizable mix of carriers, you’ll probably end up paying way too much for deliveries. By being able to choose the best option for each patient shipment, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also ensure greater patient safety by making sure meds get delivered on time.


Where do you go from here?

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