surgery center staff shortages

ASCs Should Be Prioritizing Staff Satisfaction. Here’s Why.

Why Surgery Centers Should Make Employee Well-Being a Priority

With (hopefully) the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, many ASCs are trying to get back to 100% capacity. In the face of many industry challenges, surgery center staffing shortages remain at the forefront of these issues. In fact, Becker’s Healthcare recently reported ASC leaders are growing increasingly concerned about staffing shortages heading into 2023.

It continues to be challenging to find nurses, physicians and other qualified individuals to come onboard. However, those who are already in place often find themselves overworking to the point of burnout.

ASCs are facing fierce competition in obtaining top talent, and attracting it will require strategies that ensure individuals will want to stay for the long term. Of course, offering more competitive salaries and benefits is helpful, but job satisfaction is equally important in avoiding employee turnover.

3 Ways To Help Attract and Retain Talent During Surgery Center Staffing Shortages

1. Offer Flexible Schedules and More Time Off

asc staffing shortages

Work/life balance has never been more important, and ASCs that offer employees the time and ability to pursue activities outside the surgery center (longer lunch hours, more PTO for mental health days, four-day work weeks, flexibility to meet childcare and school schedules) almost guarantee a happier, more satisfied work force

2. Offer Recognition and Encouragement

surgery center staff shortages

This is an inexpensive and easy way to mitigate ASC staffing shortages. And it makes a huge difference. Daily informal thanks and appreciation combined with a more formal recognition program makes employees feel valued and the importance of that can’t be overstated.

3. Gain Greater Efficiencies


Nothing is more draining than dealing with administrative tasks or minutiae that have nothing to do with working at the top of your license. If your clinicians are spending valuable time tracking down critical product, consider a freight management provider like VPL that delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility into product movement, so your staff can focus on what they do best.

Take the Next Step Towards Operational Efficiency

VPL’s automated supply chain technology can help ASC staffing issues by reducing burnout and allowing clinical staff to operate at the top of their licenses. Our supply chain visibility software provides track-and-trace capabilities and proactive alerts for staff to know: 

  • Which products have shipped
  • Quantity shipped
  • When products will arrive
  • When they will arrive
  • If/when there are any delays

By simply automating your supply chain operations, you can save both time and money. Schedule a demo to see our platform in action and find out how automating your supply chain operations will help you attract and retain top talent.