IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement

VPL Joins #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain Movement As Founding Member

What is the #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement?

The healthcare supply chain permeates all aspects of care delivery. From the clinicians on the front lines, to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, GPOs, and RPCs—everyone plays a part in its success. Outcomes, operational performance, and the overall health of your patient population begins with a healthy supply chain.

The events surrounding COVID-19 exposed the challenges healthcare supply chain leaders had to overcome related to shortages, disruptions, and continuity concerns to effectively care for patients. In light of this, there has never been a better time to ensure the continued investment in the healthcare supply chain. #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement recognizes the need to mobilize the industry’s resources now to ensure future:

  • Investment in supply chain resources, people, and technology.
  • Collaboration across the industry to develop revised strategic and supply chain continuity plans.
  • Promotion of suppliers and service providers that promote collaborative approaches, information sharing, and innovative pricing and risk-sharing agreements.
  • Elevation of supply chain to be an integral part of the patient care delivery model of each IDN.
VPL has pledged our support as one of the movement’s founding members.

VPL joins over 200 healthcare organizations pledging to support the continued investment in the healthcare supply chain.

We understand the past few months have been hard on everyone, but especially on hospital supply chain teams. VPL realizes our hospital supply chain customers are currently being asked to do what seems impossible. Their revenue is down, staffs have been furloughed, product is unavailable, and they must ramp up elective surgeries. Moreover, they are being asked to cut costs while continuing to deliver high quality care.

As one of the founding members supporting the #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain campaign, VPL has provided more logistics support and visibility to health systems as they purchase more product outside their typical channels. VPL has been supporting hospital supply chain teams is by assisting our customers with the delivery of product that they have purchased from outside their established sourcing channels. For example, purchasing PPE directly from manufactures in China.

You can learn more about the #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement here.

We’re all in this together.