vpl chief financial officer

VPL Welcomes Jim Tighe as Chief Financial Officer

VPL has hired a top talent to keep an eye on our bottom line

Jim Tighe has a unique background in both finance and software, as well as experience with companies in crucial growth stages, which makes him the ideal person to lead VPL’s finance team. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Jim is responsible for managing everything from financial reporting and accounting to human resources and the company’s banking and insurance relationships. A collaborative leader, he’s committed to working with everyone in the company to make sure that, together, they are aware of and understand the key operational and financial drivers for the business.

Prior to coming to VPL, Jim served as CFO for Pennant, and as CFO and VP of Administrative Services for EWI, where he was named Columbus Business First CFO of the Year in 2012. Jim also served as Director-Global Finance for Sterling Commerce, Inc. and Corporate Controller for Pathlore Software Corp., where he helped the company migrate from traditional software to a SaaS system.

Jim and his wife have four children, and when he’s not working he spends a lot of time attending cross country meets and school events. He proclaims his love for all sports, but hockey holds a special place in his heart; he started playing rec hockey in college and has been playing ever since. In fact, he and his two sons put together a team on which they play with a few other friends and their sons. The only member of Jim’s family not active in hockey is his King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Rudy, who doesn’t play sports but will happily lie on the couch and watch them on TV.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to have Jim as the Chief Financial Officer of VPL! You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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