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What Happens Behind Healthcare? Strategy, Supply Chain, Technology and More!

Our VP of Business Development, Don Carroll, sat down with Bobby Wright and Joey Thomas of Elevate Columbus to share VPL’s transformation from a freight management company into a technology leader.

In a half hour interview, Don shared VPL’s history as a freight management pioneer for the healthcare community, and how the company is using technology to drive better solutions in the industry. Don cited knowing what the customer needs now and anticipating what they will need down the road are keys to VPL’s success, and shared that one way VPL does that is by designating a core VPL team to ensure current customers are supported while another group keeps an eye on future opportunities. Don shares tips for other small businesses who are hoping to achieve the same sort of rapid growth that VPL has experienced, and talks about VPL’s culture and need to hire smart, quick tech professionals to keep the growth going.

Download the entire podcast here. And if you’re a tech professional interested in being part of VPL’s growth, be sure to visit our careers page at https://getvpl.com/careers/.

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