medical supply chain resiliency

Webinar | Building Blocks Toward Medical Supply Chain Resiliency

What It Means to Establish a Resilient Supply Chain

Lack of visibility into the medical supply chain can lead to operational, clinical, and financial disruptions—all of which have a negative impact on patient care.

It’s more important now than ever to have the right product, at the right place, at the right time. However, in reality, few health systems can say with certainty where their products are at any given time.

With this being such a crucial and well-known problem, it begs the question… why hasn’t it been solved yet?

A big bang approach is not feasible. Healthcare supply chain leaders need to make incremental changes starting now, or health systems will never get on the path to becoming more resilient. The problem needs to be broken up into attainable blocks of work.

Freight management is the easiest and arguably most effective place to start.

Webinar: Building Blocks Toward Medical Supply Chain Resiliency

Watch this 15-minute interview to hear Joe Walsh, Founder of Supply Chain Sherpas and Eric McGlade, Founder and CEO of VPL, discuss critical blocks to establishing medical supply chain resiliency, and how you can prioritize the work.

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