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Webinar | Modernize Your Pharmacy’s Prescription Delivery Workflow

Simplify your pharmacy workflow with software solutions

If prescription delivery is a part of your pharmacy’s workflow, VPL TrajectRx can help. 

We believe pharmacists should be able to operate at the top of their license so they can focus on what matters most–delivering quality care to their patients.

VPL developed a clinically-minded pharmacy solution to get prescriptions out the door, track-and-trace them to their destination, and communicate shipping updates to patients and staff.

Watch our on-demand webinar: Modernize Your Prescription Delivery Workflow

Watch this 20-minute webinar where Amanda Awe, PharmD and Pharmacy Product Specialist talks through common frustrating workflows–how they should (and can) work for you.

This presentation will be valuable to you if your pharmacy experiences these issues:

  • Too many systems and steps for prescription delivery
  • No cost transparency or control
  • Lost or delayed packages
  • Failed deliveries
  • Too much time spent on audits and accreditation requirements

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