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Pitfalls of the Traditional Freight Management Service

Discover a smarter supply chain platform.

Twenty years ago, we realized there was a better way to manage freight. Since then, we’ve embarked on a journey to introduce a whole new concept of healthcare freight management service.

Our premise of helping health systems take control of their inbound freight programs was predicated on the fact that we knew the health systems’ existing suppliers were overcharging them. However, there was no way to audit whether their freight charges were fair or reasonable. FYI, they weren’t; A/P would simply rubber stamp the invoices for approval.

Do you want more information about how to reveal hidden supplier fees, how you can own and access your own freight program data, how to unlock supply chain visibility, and how you can use supply chain software to guarantee annual savings?

Download the Pitfalls of Traditional Freight Management Service Whitepaper to learn more about what a modern, cloud-based freight management program can do for your healthcare organization.

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