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Specialty Pharmacy Compliance Issues and How To Fix Them

Critical Issues Affecting Today’s Specialty Pharmacies

Part Three: Compliance

Specialty pharmacy compliance requirements are contributing to employee burnout

Everywhere we look lately, we’re seeing articles about stressed and overworked pharmacists. According to 1,020 respondents in a 2021 The Pharmaceutical Journal salary and job satisfaction survey, 25% said they felt “very stressed” at work.

With too much to do and not enough time to do it, pharmacists are on the verge of burnout. Furthermore, specialty pharmacy compliance requirements aren’t making life any easier.

specialty pharmacy compliance

Pharmacists must maintain various accreditation requirements at all times. Particularly, cold chain and room temperature requirements, as well as distribution accuracy.

Three of the biggest compliance issues facing specialty pharmacies are:

  1. Accreditation gaps
  2. Inability to demonstrate PI
  3. Payor clawbacks

Simplifying specialty pharmacy accreditation

With VPL’s specialty pharmacy software, pharmacists will have everything they need to breeze through specialty pharmacy accreditation and eliminate a major reason for stress and burnout.

Created by pharmacists for pharmacists, VPL TrajectRx helps pharmacists:

  • Eliminate delivery errors
  • Improve packaging and temperature monitoring
  • Make it easy to order and ship limited-distribution drugs
  • Provide data and analytics that show proof of delivery

If you’d like to learn more about accessing the data needed to ensure audits go smoothly, schedule a demo to chat with our team today.