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Webinar | Managing Rising Costs for ASCs Amid Inventory Challenges

Surgery Center Supply Chain Webinar Overview

Supply chain disruptions, rising costs of medical equipment, and staff shortages are among the headwinds making it difficult for ASCs to thrive.

Every industry feels the impact of a fragile supply chain, but in healthcare it presents a serious loss of productivity, revenue, and a threat to high-quality care.

With technology-based software solutions, ASCs can move towards a more resilient supply chain to ensure sustainability and growth.

In this 30-minute webinar, we reveal how surgery center supply chain managers can combat rising costs.

Supply chain technology can increase visibility, improve operational efficiency, and optimize cost savings with data and analytics.

ASC Supply Chain Management Learning Objectives:

  • Healthcare supply chain inflation trends ASCs should know about
  • Best practices for implementing a successful ASC supply chain visibility strategy
  • How ASC supply chain leaders can improve operational efficiency to retain staff and increase patient satisfaction
  • Techniques for using data and analytics to continually optimize supply chain costs

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